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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 9

1 ! God doeth them not good for their owne righteousnes, but for his owne sake.

4 d Man of him selfe can deserue nothing but Gods angre, & if God spare anie it cometh of his great mercie.

6 e Like the stubberne oxen which wil not endure their masters yoke.

7 f He proueth by the length of time, that their rebellion was moste great, & intolerable.

7 ! Moses putteth them in remembrance of their sinnes.

10 g That is miraculously, & not by the hand of men.

12 h So sone as man declineth from the obedience of God, his waies are corrupt.

14 i Signifyng that the praiers of the faithful are a barre to staie Gods angre, that he consume not all.

16 k That is from the Lawe: wherein he declareth what is the cause of our perdition.

20 l Whereby he sheweth what danger thei are in, that haue autoritie, & resist not wickednes.

25 o Whereby is signified that God requireth earnest continuance in praier.

27 p The godlie in their praiers grounde on Gods promes, & confess their sinnes.