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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 10

4 b When you were assembled to receiue the Lawe.

6 c This mountaine was also called Hor, {Nomb. 20,28}.

8 d That is, to offer sacrifices & to declare the Lawe to the people.

9 e So God turned the curse of Jaakob, {Gen. 49,7}, vnto blessing.

12 f For all our sinnes & transgressions God requireth nothing but to turne to him & obey him.

12 ! What the Lord requireth of his.

15 g Althogh he was Lord of heauen & earth, yet wolde he chuse none but you.

16 h Cut of all your euil affections, {Jere. 4,4}

16 ! The circumcision of the heart.