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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 11

1 ! An exhortacion to loue God, and kepe his Lawe.

2 a Ye, which haue sene Gods graces with your eies, oght rather to be moued, then your children which haue onely heared of them.

5 b As wel concerning his benefites, as his corrections.

8 c Because ye haue felt both his chatisements and his benefites.

10 ! The praises of Canaan.

10 d As by making gutters for the water to come out of the riuer Nilus to water the land.

16 f By diuising to your selues foolish deuocions according to your owne fantasies.

24 h This was accomplished in Dauids & Solomons time.

28 k He reproueth that malice of men which leaue that which is certeine, to follow that which is vncerteine.

30 / Or, plaine.