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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 4

1 a For this doctrine standeth not in bare knowldege, but in practise of life.

1 ! An exhortacion to obserue the Lawe without adding thereto or diminishing.

2 c God wil not be serued by halves, but wil haue ful obedience.

3 d Gods judgements executed vpon other idolaters oght to serue for our instruction.

6 ! Herein standeth our wisdome.

6 f Because all men naturally desire wisdome, he sheweth how to attein vnto it.

7 g Helpeing vs, and deliuering vs out of all dangers.

9 h He addeth all these wordes to shewe that we can neuer be careful ynough to kepe the lawe of God and to teache it to our posteritie.

9 ! We must teache it to our children.

11 i The law was giuen with feareful miracles, to declare bothe that God was the autor thereof, & also that no flesh was able to abide the rigour of the same.

13 k God joineth this condicion to his couenant.

15 l Signifyng that destruction is prepared for all them that make anie image to represent God.

15 / Ebr, soules.

15 ! No image oght to be made to worship.

20 n He hathe deliuered you out of the moste miserable slauerie, and frely chosen you for his children.

22 o Moses good affection appeareth: in that that he being depriued of suche an execellent treasure, doeth not envie them that must enjoye it.

24 p To those that come not vnto him with loue and reuerence, but rebelle against him, {Ebr 12,29}.

25 q Meaning hereby all supersticion and corruption of the true seruice of God.

26 r Thogh men wolde absolve you, yet the insensible creatures shalbe witnesses of your disobedience.

26 ! Threatenings against them that forsake the Law of God.

27 s So that his curse shal make his former blessings of none effect.

29 t Not with outwarde shew or ceremonie, but with a true confession, of thy fautes.

31 u To certifie them the more of the asseurance of their salvacion.

32 x Mans negligence is partely cause that he knoweth not God.

34 y By so manifest prosses that none colde doute thereof.

35 z He sheweth the cause, why God wroght these miracles.

37 ! God chose the sede because he loued their fathers.

40 b God promiseth rewarde not for our merites, but to incourage vs, and to assure vs that our labour shal not be lost.