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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 20

1 a This was fourtie yeres after their departure from Egypt.

1 b Moses and Aarons sister.

1 ! Miriam dyeth.

2 c Another rebellion was in Rephidim, {Exod. 17}, and this was in Kadesh.

2 ! The people murmure.

8 d Wherewith thou didest miracles in Egypt, and didest diuide the Sea.

10 e The punishment, which followed hereof, declared that Moses & Aaron belieued not the Lords promess, as appeareth, {verse 12}.

12 f That the children of Israel shulde belieue and acknowledge my power, & so honour me.

13 h By shewing him selfe almightie & mainteyning his glorie.

13 g Or, strife, & contencion.

14 i Because Jaakob, or Israel, was Esaus brother, who was called Edom.

14 ! Edom denyeth the Israelites passage.

24 / Or, strife.

24 l Read {Gen. 25,8}.

25 ! The death of Aaron in whose rowme Eleazar succedeth.