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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 19

2 a According to this lawe & ceremonie, ye shal sacrifice the red kowe.

2 ! The sacrifice of the red kowe.

8 d The inferior Priest who kiled her & burned her.

9 e Or, the water of separation, because that they that were separate for their vnclennes, were sprinkled therewith & made cleane, {Chap. 8,7}. It is also called holy water, because it was ordeined to an holy vse, {Chap. 5:17}.

9 ! The sprinkling water.

13 g So that he shulde not be estemed to be of the holy people, but as a polluted & excommunicate persone.

17 i Water of the founteine or riuer.

19 l Because he had bene among them that were vncleane: or els had touched the water, as {ver. 21}.