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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 18

1 a If you trespas in anie thing concerning the ceremonies of the Sanctuarie, or your office, you shalbe punished.

1 ! The office of Aaron & his sonnes.

3 b That is, the things which are committed to thee: or, which thou dost enjoyne them.

8 d As the first frute, firstborne, and the tenthes.

9 e That which was not burned shulde be the Priests.

10 f That is, in the Sanctuarie, betwene the court & the Holiest of all.

20 l Of Canaan.

22 m To serue therein: for the Leuites are put in their place.

23 n If they faile in their office they shalbe punished.

26 ! The Leuites haue the tithes, and offre the tenthes thereof to the Lord.

27 o As acceptable as the frute of your owne grounde, or vineyarde.

29 p Which ye haue receiued of the children of Israel.

29 q Read {vers 12.}

32 t The offrings which the Israelites haue offred to God.