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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 21

1 a By that way which their spies, that searched the dangers, found to be moste safe.

3 ! Israel vanquisheth King Arad.

4 b For they were forbidden to destroy it, {Deut. 2,5}.

5 c Meaning Manna, which they thoght did not nourish.

6 ! The firy serpents are sent for the rebellion of the people.

6 d For they that were stong their with, were so inflamed with the heat thereof, that they dyed.

14 / Or, (how God destroyed) Vaheb (the citie) with a whirle winde, and the vallies of Arnon.

14 e Which semeth to be the boke of the Judges, or, some thinke, a boke which is lost.

17 f Ye that receiue the commoditie thereof, giue praise for it.

17 / Or, Spring.

18 g Moses and Aaron heads of the people onely smote the rocke with the rod or staff, which gaue water as a wel, that were depe digged.

24 i For the people were talle and strong like gyants, {Deu. 2,20}.

24 ! Sihon and Og are ouercome in battel.

24 h The riuer.

26 k For if it had bene the Moabites, the Israelites might not haue possessed it, {Deu. 2,9}.

29 m Chemosh was the Idole of the Moabites, {1 Kin. 11,33}: who was not able to defend his worshippers, which toke the idole for their father.