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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 132

Psalm 132: David, and his afflictions all

A Song of degrees.

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 David, and his afflictions all, Lord, do thou think upon; 2 How unto God he sware, and vow’d to Jacob’s mighty One.

3 I will not come within my house, nor rest in bed at all; 4 Nor shall mine eyes take any sleep, nor eyelids slumber shall;

5 Till for the Lord a place I find, where he may make abode; A place of habitation for Jacob’s mighty God.

6 Lo, at the place of Ephratah of it we understood; And we did find it in the fields, and city of the wood.

7 We’ll go into his tabernacles, and at his footstool bow. 8 Arise, O Lord, into thy rest, th’ ark of thy strength, and thou.

9 O let thy priests be clothed, Lord, with truth and righteousness; And let all those that are thy saints shout loud for joyfulness.

10 For thine own servant David’s sake, do not deny thy grace; Nor of thine own anointed one turn thou away the face.

11 The Lord in truth to David sware, he will not turn from it, I of thy body’s fruit will make upon thy throne to sit.

12 My cov’nant if thy sons will keep, and laws to them made known, Their children then shall also sit for ever on thy throne.

13 For God of Sion hath made choice; there he desires to dwell. 14 This is my rest, here still I’ll stay; for I do like it well.

15 Her food I’ll greatly bless; her poor with bread will satisfy. 16 Her priests I’ll clothe with health; her saints shall shout forth joyfully.

17 And there will I make David’s horn to bud forth pleasantly: For him that mine anointed is a lamp ordain’d have I.

18 As with a garment I will clothe with shame his en’mies all: But yet the crown that he doth wear upon him flourish shall.