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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 132

1 ! The faithful grounding on Gods promes made vnto Dauid, desire that he wolde establish the same, bothe as touching his posteritie and the buylding of the Temple, to praie there as was forespoken {Deut. 12,5}

1 a That is, with how great difficultie he came to the kingdome & with how great zeale & care he went about to build thy Temple.

3 b Because the chief charge of the King was to set forthe Gods glorie, he sheweth, that he colde take no rest, nether wolde go about anie worldelie thing, were it neuer so necessarie, before he had executed his office.

5 c That is, the Arke, which was a signe of Gods presence.

6 d The commune brute was that the Arke shulde remaine in Ephrathah: that is, in Beth-lehem a plentiful place: but after we perceiued that you woldest place it in Jerusalem, which was barren as a forest & compassed about onely with hilles.

9 e That is, Jerusalem, because that after ward his Arke shulde remoue to none other place.

9 f Let the effect of thy grace bothe appeare in the Priests & in the people.

10 g As thou first madest promes to Dauid, so continue it to his posteritie, that whatsoeuer thei shal aske for their people, it maie be granted.

12 h Because this can not be accomplished but in Christ, it followeth that the promes was spiritual.

14 i Meaning, for his owne sake, & not for the plentifulnes of the place: for he promiseth to blesse, declaring before, that it was barren.

16 k That is, with my protection, whereby thei shalbe safe.

17 l Thogh his force for a time semed to be broken, yet he promiseth to restore it.