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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 132

A song of degrees.

1 REmember David, Lord,

and all’s affliction:

2 How to the Lord he swore, and vow’d

to Jacob’s mighty one.

3 Surely I will not go

my houses tent into:

upon the palate of my bed,

thither I will not go.

4 I will not verily

give sleep unto mine eyes:

nor will I give to mine eye-lids

slumber in anywise,

5 Until that for the Lord

I do find out a seat:

a fixed habitation,

for Jacobs God so great.

6 Behold, at Ephratah,

there did we of it hear:

ev’n in the plain-fields of the wood

we found it to be there.

7 We’ll go into his tents:

we'll at his footstool bow.

8 Arise, Lord, thou into thy rest:

and th’ Ark of thy strength now.

9 Grant that thy priests may be

clothed with righteousness:

o let thy holy ones likewise

shout forth for joyfulness.


10 Let not for David’s sake

a servant unto thee,

the face of thine anointed one

away quite turn’d be.

11 The Lord to David sware

truth, nor will turn from it;

thy body’s fruit, of them I’ll make

upon thy throne to sit.

12 If thy sons keep my law,

and covenant, I teach them;

upon thy throne for evermore

shall sit their children then.

13 Because Jehovah hath

made choice of mount Sion:

he hath desired it to be

his habitation.

14 This is my resting place

to perpetuity:

here will I dwell, and that because

desired it have I.

15 Bless her provision

abundantly I will:

the poor that be in her with bread

by me shall have their fill.

16 Her Priests with saving health

them also I will clad:

her holy ones likewise they shall

with shouting loud be glad.

17 The horn of David I

will make to bud forth there:

a candle I prepared have

for mine anointed dear.

18 His enemies I will

with shame apparel them:

but flourishing upon himself

shall be his Diadem: