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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 44

Psalm 44: O God, we with our ears have heard

To the chief Musician for the sons of Korah, Maschil.

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 O God, we with our ears have heard, our fathers have us told, What works thou in their days hadst done, ev’n in the days of old.

2 Thy hand did drive the heathen out, and plant them in their place; Thou didst afflict the nations, but them thou didst increase.

3 For neither got their sword the land, nor did their arm them save; But thy right hand, arm, countenance; for thou them favour gave.

4 Thou art my King: for Jacob, Lord, deliv’rances command. 5 Through thee we shall push down our foes, that do against us stand:

We, through thy name, shall tread down those that ris’n against us have. 6 For in my bow I shall not trust, nor shall my sword me save.

7 But from our foes thou hast us sav’d, our haters put to shame. 8 In God we all the day do boast, and ever praise thy name.

9 But now we are cast off by thee, and us thou putt’st to shame; And when our armies do go forth, thou go’st not with the same.

10 Thou mak’st us from the enemy, faint-hearted, to turn back; And they who hate us for themselves our spoils away do take.

11 Like sheep for meat thou gavest us; ’mong heathen cast we be. 12 Thou didst for nought thy people sell; their price enrich’d not thee.

13 Thou mak’st us a reproach to be unto our neighbours near; Derision and a scorn to them that round about us are.

14 A by-word also thou dost us among the heathen make; The people, in contempt and spite, at us their heads do shake.

15 Before me my confusion continually abides; And of my bashful countenance the shame me ever hides:

16 For voice of him that doth reproach, and speaketh blasphemy; By reason of th’ avenging foe, and cruel enemy.

17 All this is come on us, yet we have not forgotten thee; Nor falsely in thy covenant behav’d ourselves have we.

18 Back from thy way our heart not turn’d; our steps no straying made; 19 Though us thou brak’st in dragons’ place, and cover’dst with death’s shade.

20 If we God’s name forgot, or stretch’d to a strange god our hands, 21 Shall not God search this out? for he heart’s secrets understands.

22 Yea, for thy sake we’re kill’d all day, counted as slaughter-sheep. 23 Rise, Lord, cast us not ever off; awake, why dost thou sleep?

24 O wherefore hidest thou thy face? forgett’st our cause distress’d, 25 And our oppression? For our soul is to the dust down press’d:

Our belly also on the earth fast cleaving, hold doth take. 26 Rise for our help, and us redeem, ev’n for thy mercies’ sake.