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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 44

To the chief Musician, for the sons of Korah, Maschil.

1 We with our ears have heard, O God,

our fathers have us told,

what works thou diddest in their days,

in former days of old.

2 How thy hand drave the heathen out,

and them thou planted hast;

how thou the people didst afflict,

and thou didst them out cast.

3 For they got not by their own sword

the lands possession,

neither yet was it their own arm

wrought their salvation:

but thy right hand, thine arm also,

thy countenance’s light,

because that of thine own good will

thou didst in them delight.

4 Thou art my King, O mighty God,

thou dost the same endure:

do thou for Jacob by command

deliverances procure.

5 Through thee as with a horn we will

push down our enemies:

through thy name will we tread them down

that up against us rise.

6 Because that I will in no wise

any affiance have

upon my bow, neither is it

my sword that shall me save.

7 But from our enemies us thou sav’d,

and put our foes to shame.

8 In God we boast all the day long,

and for aye praise thy name. Selah.


9 But thou hast cast us off away,

thou makest us also

to be asham’d; neither dost thou

forth with our armies go.

10 Us from before the enemy

thou makest back recoil:

likewise they which our haters be

for themselves us do spoil.

11 Thou hast given us like to sheep

to slaughter that belong;

also thou hast us scattered

the heathen folk among.

12 Thou dost thy people set to sale

whereby no wealth doth rise,

neither dost thou obtain increase

of riches by their price.

13 Unto our neighbours a reproach

thou doest us expose,

a scorn we are and mocking stock

to them that us inclose.

14 Among the heathen people thou

a by word dost us make,

also among the nations

at us their heads they shake.

15 Before me my confusion

it is continually,

and of my countenance the shame

hath over covered me.

16 Because of his voice that doth scorn,

and scoffingly despite;

by reason of the enemy,

and self revenging wight. ???


17 All this is come on us; we yet

have not forgotten thee,

neither against thy covenant

have we dealt faithlessly.

18 Our heart is not turn’d back, nor have

our steps from thy way stray’d;

19 Though us thou brake in dragons place,

and hid us in deaths shade.

20 Had we forgot God’s name, or stretcht

to a strange God our hands;

21 Shall not God search this out? for he

heart’s secrets understands.

22 Yea, for thee all day we are kill’d;

counted as sheep to slay.

23 Awake, why sleepest thou, Lord? arise,

cast us not off for aye.

24 Thy countenance away from us

O wherefore dost thou hide,

of our grief and oppression

forgetful dost abide?

25 For our soul is bow’d down to dust:

to earth cleaves our belly.

26 Rise for our help, and us redeem

because of thy mercy.