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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 44

1 a This Psalme semeth to haue bene made by some excellent Prophet for the vse of the people, when the Church was in extreme miserie, ether at their returne from Babylon, or vnder Antiochus, or in suche like affliction.

1 ! The faithful remember the great mercie of God toward his people.

2 d Of Canaan.

2 b That is, the Canaanites.

2 c To wit, our fathers.

3 f Gods fre mercie & loue is the onelie fountaine & beginning of the Church, {Deut. 4,37}.

4 g Because you art our King, therefore deliuer thy people from their miserie.

5 h Because thei & their forefathers made bothe one Church thei applie that to themselues, which before thei did attribute to their fathers.

9 i As thei confessed before, that their strength came of God, so now thei acknowledge that this affliction came by his just judgement.

9 ! After, thei complaine, because thei fele it no more.

11 k Knowing God to be autor of this calamitie, they murmure not, but seke remedie at his hands, who wounded them.

12 l As sclaues which are solde for a low price, nether lokest you for him that offreth moste, but takest the first chapman.

17 o Thei boaste not of their vertues, but declare that thei rest vpon God in the middes of their afflictions: who punished not now their sinnes, but by hard afflictions called them to the consideration of the heauenlie joyes.

17 ! Also thei alledge the couenant made with Abraham, for the keping whereof thei shewe what grieuous things thei suffred.

19 / Or, whales: meaning the bottomles seas of tentations, here we se the power of faith, which can be ouercome by no perile.

20 p Thei shewe that thei honored God aright because thei trusted in him alone.

21 q Thei take God to witnes that thei were vp right to himward.

22 ! The faithful make this their comfort, that the wicked punish them not for sinnes, but for Gods cause, {Mat. 5,10},{1 Pet. 4,14}.

23 ! Finally they praie vnto God not to contemne their afflictions, seing the same redoundeth to the contempt of his honour.

25 s There is not hope of recouerie, except thou put to thine hande & raise vs vp.

26 t Which is the onelie & sufficient ransom to deliuer bothe bodie and soule from all kinde of sclauerie & miserie.