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Geneva Bible (1599): Job 33

1 Wherefore, Iob, I pray thee, heare my talke and hearken vnto all my wordes.

2 Beholde now, I haue opened my mouth: my tongue hath spoken in my mouth.

3 My words are in the vprightnesse of mine heart, and my lippes shall speake pure knowledge.

4 The Spirite of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almightie hath giuen me life.

5 If thou canst giue me answere, prepare thy selfe and stand before me.

6 Beholde, I am according to thy wish in Gods stead: I am also formed of the clay.

7 Beholde, my terrour shall not feare thee, neither shall mine hand be heauie vpon thee.

8 Doubtles thou hast spoken in mine eares, and I haue heard the voyce of thy wordes.

9 I am cleane, without sinne: I am innocent, and there is none iniquitie in me.

10 Lo, he hath found occasions against me, and counted me for his enemie.

11 He hath put my feete in the stockes, and looketh narrowly vnto all my paths.

12 Behold, in this hast thou not done right: I will answere thee, that God is greater then man.

13 Why doest thou striue against him? for he doeth not giue account of all his matters.

14 For God speaketh once or twise, and one seeth it not.

15 In dreames and visions of the night, when sleepe falleth vpon men, and they sleepe vpon their beds,

16 Then he openeth the eares of men, euen by their corrections, which he had sealed,

17 That he might cause man to turne away from his enterprise, and that he might hide the pride of man,

18 And keepe backe his soule from the pit, and that his life should not passe by the sword.

19 He is also striken with sorow vpon his bed, and the griefe of his bones is sore,

20 So that his life causeth him to abhorre bread, and his soule daintie meate.

21 His flesh faileth that it can not be seene, and his bones which were not seene, clatter.

22 So his soule draweth to the graue, and his life to the buriers.

23 If there be a messenger with him, or an interpreter, one of a thousand to declare vnto man his righteousnesse,

24 Then will he haue mercie vpon him, and will say, Deliuer him, that he go not downe into the pit: for I haue receiued a reconciliation.

25 Then shall his flesh be as fresh as a childes, and shall returne as in the dayes of his youth.

26 He shall pray vnto God, and he will be fauourable vnto him, and he shall see his face with ioy: for he will render vnto man his righteousnes.

27 He looketh vpon men, and if one say, I haue sinned, and peruerted righteousnesse, and it did not profite me,

28 He will deliuer his soule from going into the pit, and his life shall see the light.

29 Lo, all these things will God worke twise or thrise with a man,

30 That he may turne backe his soule from the pit, to be illuminate in the light of the liuing.

31 Marke well, O Iob, and heare me: keepe silence, and I will speake.

32 If there be matter, answere me, and speak: for I desire to iustifie thee.

33 If thou hast not, heare me: holde thy tongue, and I will teach thee wisedome.