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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 33

4 a I confesse the power of God, & am one of his therefore thou oghtest to heare me.

6 b Because Job had wished to dispute his cause with God, {Chap. 16,21}, so that he might do it without feare, Elihu sayeth, he wil reason in Gods stead, whime he nedeth not to feare, because he is a man made of the same matter that he is.

7 c I wil not handle thee so roughly as these others haue done.

9 d He repeateth Jobs wordes, whereby he preotested his innocencie in diuers places, but specially in the {13, 16 & 30 Chap.}

13 e The cause of his judgements is not always declared to man.

14 ! He sheweth that God hathe diuers meanes to instruct man and to drawe him from sinne.

14 f Thogh God by sondrie examples of his judgements speake vnto man, yet the reason thereof is not knowen: yea & thogh God shulde speake, yet he is not vnderstand.

15 g God, faith he, speaketh communely, ether by visions to teache vs the cause of his judgements, or els by afflictions, or by his messenger.

17 i He sheweth for what end God sendeth afflictions: to beat down mans pride, & to turne from euil.

19 ! He afflictieth man and sodenly deliuereth him.

23 n A singular chosen out of a thousand, which is able to declare the great mercies of God vnto sinners: & wherein mans righteousnes standeth, which is through the justice of Jesus Christ & faith therein.

24 o He sheweth that it is a sure token of Gods mercie towards sinners, when he causeth his worde to be preached vnto them.

24 p That is, the minister shal by the preaching of the worde pronounce vnto him the forgiuenes of his sinnes.

25 q He shal fele Gods sauour and rejoyce: declaring hereby, wherein standeth the true joy of the faithful: and that God wil restore him to health of body, which is a token of his blessing.

26 r God wil forgiue his sinnes and accept him as juste.

26 ! Man being deliuered, giueth thankes to God.

27 t But my sinne hathe bene the cause of Gods wrath toward men.

29 x Meaning, oft times, euen as oft as a sinner doeth repent.

32 z That is, to shewe thee, wherein mans justification consisteth.

32 y If thou doute of any thing, or se occasion to speake against it.