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Geneva Bible (1599): Job 32

1 So these three men ceased to answere Iob, because he esteemed himselfe iust.

2 Then the wrath of Elihu the sonne of Barachel the Buzite, of the familie of Ram, was kindled: his wrath, I say, was kindled against Iob, because he iustified himselfe more then God.

3 Also his anger was kindled against his three friends, because they could not finde an answere, and yet condemned Iob.

4 (Now Elihu had wayted til Iob had spoken: for they were more ancient in yeeres then he)

5 So when Elihu saw, that there was none answere in the mouth of the three men, his wrath was kindled.

6 Therefore Elihu the sonne of Barachel, the Buzite answered, and sayd, I am yong in yeres, and ye are ancient: therefore I doubted, and was afraide to shewe you mine opinion.

7 For I said, The dayes shall speake, and the multitude of yeeres shall teach wisedome.

8 Surely there is a spirite in man, but the inspiration of the Almightie giueth vnderstanding.

9 Great men are not alway wise, neither doe the aged alway vnderstand iudgement.

10 Therefore I say, Heare me, and I will shew also mine opinion.

11 Behold, I did waite vpon your wordes, and hearkened vnto your knowledge, whiles you sought out reasons.

12 Yea, when I had considered you, lo, there was none of you that reproued Iob, nor answered his wordes:

13 Lest ye should say, We haue found wisedome: for God hath cast him downe, and no man.

14 Yet hath he not directed his words to me, neyther will I answere him by your wordes.

15 Then they fearing, answered no more, but left off their talke.

16 When I had wayted (for they spake not, but stood still and answered no more)

17 Then answered I in my turne, and I shewed mine opinion.

18 For I am full of matter, and the spirite within me compelleth me.

19 Beholde, my belly is as the wine, which hath no vent, and like the new bottels that brast.

20 Therefore will I speake, that I may take breath: I will open my lippes, and will answere.

21 I will not now accept the person of man, neyther will I giue titles to man.

22 For I may not giue titles, lest my Maker should take me away suddenly.