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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 32

1 ! Elihu reproueth them of foly.

2 c By making him self innocent and, by charging God of rigour.

2 a Which came of Buz the sonne of Hahor Abrahams brother.

2 b Or, as the Chalde paraphrast readeth, Abram.

8 ! Age maketh not a man wise, but the Spirit of God.

8 f It is a special gift of God that man hathe vnderstanding, and cometh nether of nature nor by age.

11 g To proue that Jobs affliction came for his sinnes.

13 h And flatter your selues, as thogh you had ouercome him.

14 k He vseth almost the like arguments, but without tanning, and reproches.

14 i To wit, Job.

18 l I haue conceiued in my minde great store of reasons.

21 m I wil nerher haue regarde to riches, credit nor autoritie, but wil speake the verie trueth.

22 n The Ebrew worde signifieth to change the name, as to call a foole a wise mans meaning that he wolde not cloke the trueth to flatter men.