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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 94

1 O LORD God, unto whom there do

revenges appertain:

o God, to whom vengeance belongs,

clearly shine forth again.

2 Exalt thy self, o thou that art

Judge of the earth throughout:

render a recompence unto

all those that are so stout.

3 Jehovah, o how long shall they

that do walk wickedly?

how long shall those that wicked are

rejoice triumphingly?

4 How long shall those men utter forth

and speak things that hard be?

and shall all such thus boast themselves

that work iniquity?

5 Lord, they thy folk in pieces break:

and heritage oppress.

6 They slay the widow, and stranger,

and kill the fatherless.

7 The Lord they say, yet shall not see:

nor Jacob’s God it mind.

8 Learn vulgar Sots: also ye fools

when will ye wisdom find?

9 Who plants the ear, shall he not hear?

who forms the eye, not see?

10 Who heathen smites, shall he not check?

mans teacher, knows not he?


11 The Lord doth know the thoughts of man,

that they are very vain.

12 Blest man whom thou correct'st, o Lord;

and in thy law dost train.

13 That thou may’st give him quiet from

days of adversity:

until the pit be digged for

such as do wickedly.

14 Because Jehovah he will not

his people cast away,

neither will he forsake his own

inheritance for aye.

15 But judgment unto righteousness

it shall return again:

also all upright ones in heart

they shall pursue it then.

16 Against the evil doers, who

will up for me arise?

who will stand up for me ‘gainst them

that work iniquities?

17 Had not the Lord me helpt: my soul

had near in silence dwell’d.

18 When as I said, my foot slips: Lord,

thy mercy me upheld.


19 Amidst the multitude of thoughts

of mine within my mind,

still from thy consolations

my soul delight doth find.

20 Shall the throne of iniquity

have fellowship with thee:

which frameth molestation

and that by a decree?

21 They jointly gathered themselves,

together they withstood

the soul of him that righteous is:

and condemn guiltless blood.

22 But yet Jehovah unto me

he is a refuge high:

also my God he is the rock

of my hopeful safety.

23 Their mischief on them he shall bring,

and in their wickedness

he shall them cut off: yea, the Lord

our God shall them suppress.