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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 94

1 ! He praieth vnto God against the violence and arrogancie of tyrants.

1 a Whose office it is to take vengeance on the wicked.

1 b Shewe by effect that thou art Judge of the worlde to punish the wicked.

3 c That is, brag of their crueltie & opression: or, esteme them selues aboue all other.

5 d Seing the Church was then so sor oppressed it oght not to seme strange to vs, if we se it so now, & therefore we muste call to God to take our cause in hand.

7 e He sheweth that they are desperat in malice, forasmuchas they feared not God, but giue them selues wholly to do wickedly.

9 f He sheweth that it is impossible, but God shoulde heare, se & vnderstand their wickednes.

10 g If God punish whole nations for their sins it is mere folie for anie one man, or els a fewe to thinke that God wil spare them.

10 ! Warning them of Gods judgements.

12 h God hathe care ouer his and chasticeth them for their welth, that they shulde not perish for euer with the wicked.

12 ! Then doeth he comfort the afflicted by the good issue of their afflictions as he felt in him self, & did se in other, & by the ruine of the wicked.

15 i God wil restore the state & gouernement of things to their right vse, & then the godlie shal followe him cherefully.

17 k He complaineth of them, which wolde not helpe him to resiste the enemies: yet was assured that Gods helpe wolde not faile.

19 m In my trouble & destress I euer founde thy present helpe.

20 n Thogh they wicked judges pretend justice in oppressing the Church, yet, they haue not that autoritie of God.

23 o It is a great token of Gods judement, when the purpose of the wicked is broken, but moste, when thei are destroied in their owne malice.

23 ! Whome the Lord wil destroye.