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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 92

A psalm or song for the Sabbath day.

1 IT is a good thing to give thanks

Jehovah thee unto:

unto thy Name praises to sing,

o thou most high also.

2 Thy loving kindness to shew forth

within the morning light:

also thy truth, and faithfulness,

to shew forth every night.

3 Upon a ten string’d instrument,

and Psaltery upon:

upon the solemn sounding Harp,

a meditation.

4 For through thy work, o Lord, thou hast

me caused to rejoice:

and in the workings of thy hands

I will triumph with voice.

5 O Lord, how mighty are thy works:

thy thoughts are very deep.

6 The brutish knows not; nor the fool

this in his heart doth keep.

7 When as the wicked do spring up

ev'n like the grass unto,

and all that work iniquity

when as they flourish do:

It’s that they then may be destroy’d

to perpetuity.

8 But thou Jehovah dost abide

for evermore most high.

9 For lo, thy foes, for lo, o Lord,

thy foes they perish shall:

the workers of iniquity

they shall be scattered all.


10 But like the Unicorns my horn

thou shalt exalt on high:

and with fresh oil in mine old age

anointed be shall I.

11 Also mine eye shall see my wish

upon mine enemyes:

mine ear shall hear of wicked ones,

that up against me rise.

12 Like to the Palme tree flourish shall

he that is righteous:

like to a Cedar he shall grow

that is in Lebanus.

13 They that within Jehovah’s house

are planted stedfastly:

within the Courts of our God they

shall flourish pleasantly.

14 Their fruit they shall in their old age

continue forth to bring:

they shall be fat, yea likewise they

shall still be flourishing:

15 To shew that upright is the Lord:

my refuge strong is he,

also that there is not in him

any iniquity.