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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 92

1 a Which teacheth that the vse of the Sabbath standeth in praising God, and not onely in ceasing from worke.

1 ! This psalme was made to be sung on the Sabbath, to stirre vp the people to acknowledge God and to praise him in his workes: the Prophet rejoyceth therein.

2 b For Gods mercie & fidelitie in his promises toward his, binde them to praise him continually bothe dai & night.

3 c These instruments were then permitted, but at Christs comming abolished.

4 d He sheweth what is the vse of the Sabbath daie: to wit, to meditate Gods workes.

6 e That is, the wicked consider not Gods workes, nor his judgements against them, & therefore moste justly perish.

6 ! But the wicked is not able to consider that the vngodlie, when he is moste florishing, shal moste spedely perish.

8 f Thy judgements are moste constant against the wicked and passe our reache.

10 g Thou wilt strengthen them with all power, & blesse them with all felecitie.

12 h Thogh the faithful seme to wither and be cut downe by the wicked: yet thei shal growe againe and florish in the Church of God, as the cedres do in mount Lebanon.

12 ! In the end is described the felicitie of the just, planted in the house of God to praise the Lord.

14 i The children of God shal haue a power aboue nature, & their age shal bring forthe moste fresh frutes.