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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 91

1 a He that maketh God his defence & trust, shal perdeiue his protection to be a moste sure safegarde.

1 ! Here is described in what assurance he liueth that putteth his whole trust in God, & committeth him slef wholly to his protection in all tentations.

2 b Being assured of his protection he praieth vnto the Lord.

3 c That is, Gods helpe is moste readie for vs, whether Satan assaile vs secretly, which he calleth a snare: or openly, which is here ment by the pestilence.

4 d That is, his fatihful keping of promes to helpe thee in thy necessitie.

5 e The care that God hathe ouer his, is moste sufficient to defende them from all dangers.

8 f The godlie shal haue some experience of Gods judgements against the wicked euen in this life, but fully thei shal se it at that day, when all things shalbe reueiled.

11 g God hathe not appointed euerie man one Angel, but manie to be ministers of his prouidence to kepe his & defend them in their vocation, which is the waye to walke in without tempting God.

13 h Thou shalt not onely be preserued from all euil, but ouercome it whether it be secret or open.

14 i To assure the faithful of Gods protection, he bringeth in God to confirme the same.

14 ! A promes of God to those that loue him, know him and trust in him, to deliuer then, & giue them immortal glorie.

16 k For he is contented with that life, that God giueth: for by death, the shortnes of this life is recompensed with immortalitie.