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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 91

1 HE that within the secret place

of the most high doth dwell,

he under the Almighty’s shade

shall lodge himself full well.

2 My hope he is, and my fortress,

I to the Lord will say:

he is my God; and I in him

my confidence will stay.

3 Surely out of the fowlers snare

he shall deliver thee,

also thee from the Pestilence

infectious shall free.

4 He with his feathers hide thee shall,

under his wings shall be

thy trust: his truth shall be a shield

and buckler unto thee.

5 Thou shalt not be dismay’d with fear

for terror by the night:

nor for the arrow that with speed

flieth in the day light:

6 Nor for the Pestilence that doth

walk in the darkness fast:

nor for the sore destruction

that doth at noon day wast.


7 A thousand shall fall at thy side,

and ten thousand also

at thy right hand, but it shall not

approach thee near unto:

8 Only thou with thine eyes this thing

attentively shalt view:

also thou shalt behold how that

the wicked have their due.

9 Because Jehovah who hath been

my safe protection,

ev’n the most high, thou hast him made

thine habitation.

10 Not anything that evil is

there shall to thee befall,

neither shall any plague come nigh

thy dwelling place at all.

11 Because that he his Angel’s will

command concerning thee:

in all thy ways where thou dost walk

thy keeper for to be.

12 They shall support thee in their hands:

lest thou against a stone

13 should’st dash thy foot. Thou trample shalt

on th’ Adder, and Lion:

The Lion young and Dragon thou

shalt tread under thy feet.

14 I will deliver him, for he

on me his love hath set:

Because that he hath known my Name,

I will him set on high.

15 Upon me he shall call in pray’r,

and answer him will I:

I will be with him when he is

in troublesome distress,

and I to him will honour give,

when I shall him release.

16 With days of long continuance

I’ll give to him his fill:

and also my salvation

declare to him I will.