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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 90

A prayer of Moses the man of God.

1 O LORD, thou hast been unto us

from generation,

to generation, a place

of fixed mansion.

2 Before the mountains were brought forth,

ere earth and world be thee

were form’d: thou are eternally

God to eternity.

3 Thou dost unto destruction

turn miserable men:

and then thou say’st ye sons of men

do ye return again.

4 For why o Lord, a thousand years

are but within thy sight

as yesterday when it is past:

and as a watch by night.

5 By thee like as it were a flood

they quite away are borne,

they like a sleep, and as the grass

that grows up in the morn.

6 It in the morning flourisheth,

it also up doth grow;

it in the ev’ning is cut down

it withereth also.

7 Because we by thine anger are

consumed speedily:

and by thy sore displeasure we

are troubled suddenly.

8 Thou hast set our iniquities

before thee in thy sight:

our secret evils are within

thy countenances light.

9 Because in thine exceeding wrath

our days all pass away:

our years we have consumed quite,

ev’n as a tale are they.


10 Threescore and ten years are the days

of our years which remain,

and if through strength they fourscore be,

their strength is grief and pain:

For it’s cut off soon, and we fly

11 away: Who is’t doth know

thine angers strength? according as

thy fear, thy wrath is so.

12 Teach us to count our days: our hearts

so we’ll on wisdom set.

13 Turn Lord, how long? of thy servants

let it repent thee yet?

14 O give us satisfaction

betimes with thy mercy:

that so rejoice, and be right glad,

through all our days may we.

15 According to the days wherein

affliction we have had,

and years wherein we have seen ill,

now also make us glad.

16 Unto those that thy servants be

do thou thy work declare:

also thy comely glory to

those that thy children are.

17 Let our Gods beauty be on us,

our handy works also

stablish on us; our handy work

establish it do thou.