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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 89

Maschil of Ethan the Ezrahite.

1 THe mercies of Jehovah sing

for evermore will I:

I’ll with my mouth thy truth make known

to all posterity.

2 For I have said that mercy shall

for ever be up built;

establish in the very heav’ns

thy faithfulness thou wilt.

3 With him that is my chosen one

I made a covenant:

and by an oath have sworn unto

David mine own servant.

4 To perpetuity thy seed

establish-sure I will:

also to generations all

thy throne I’ll build up still. Selah.

5 Also the heav’ns thy wonders Lord,

they shall with praise confess;

in the assembly of the Saints

also thy faithfulness.

6 For who can be compar’d unto

the Lord the heavn’ns within?

‘mong sons of mighty to the Lord

who is’t that’s like to him.


7 I’th Saints assembly greatly God

is to be had in fear:

and to be reverence’t of all those

that round about him are.

8 Lord God of hosts, what Lord like thee

in power doth abide?

thy faithfulness doth compass thee

also on every side.

9 Over the raging of the sea,

thou dost dominion bare:

when as the waves thereof arise,

by thee they stilled are.

10 Like to one slain, thou broken hast

in pieces Rahab quite:

thou hast disperst thine enemies

ev’n by thine arm of might.

11 The heav’ns together with the earth,

thine are they: thine they be;

the world, with fullness of the same,

founded they were by thee.

12 The North together with the South

thou didst create the same:

Tabor together with Hermon,

rejoice shall in thy Name.


13 Thou hast a very might arm,

thy hand it is mighty,

and also thy right hand it is

exalted up on high.

14 Justice and judgment of thy throne

are the prepared place:

mercy and truth preventing shall

go forth before thy face.

15 O blessed are the people that

the joyful sound do know,

Lord, in thy countenances light

they up and down shall go:

16 They shall in thy name all the day

rejoice exceedingly:

and in thy righteousness they shall

be lifted up on high.

17 Because that thou are unto them

the glory of their power:

our horn shall be exalted high,

also in thy favour.

18 Because Jehovah is to us

a safe protection;

and he that is our Sovereign,

is Isr’ells Holy-one.


19 Then didst thou speak in vision,

unto thy Saint, and said,

I upon one that mighty is

salvation have laid:

One from the folk chose, I set up.

20 David my servant I

have found: him I anointed with

mine oil of sanctity.

21 With whom my hand shall stablish’t be;

mine arm him strengthen shall.

22 Also the enemy shall not

exact on him at all:

Nor shall the Son of wickedness

afflict him anymore.

23 Before him I’ll beat down his foes,

and plague his haters sore.

24 My mercy, truth, shall be with him;

and in my name shall be

25 his horn exalted. And I’ll set

his hand upon the sea:

I’th rivers also his right hand.

26 He shall cry me unto,

thou art my Father: and my God,

Rock of my health also.

27 Also I will make him to be

my first begotten one:

higher then those that Princes are,

who dwell the earth upon.

28 My mercy I will keep for him

to times which ever last:

also my covenant with him

it shall stand very fast.


29 And I will make his seed endure

to perpetuity:

his throne likewise it like unto

the days of heav’n shall be.

30 If that his sons forsake my law,

and from my judgments swerve:

31 If they my statutes break, and my

commands do not observe:

32 Then will I visit with the rod

their bold transgression,

as also their iniquity

with sore stripes them upon.

33 But yet my loving kindness, it

I’ll not take utterly

away from him: nor will suffer

my faithfulness to lie.

34 The covenant I made with him

by me shall not be broke:

neither will I alter the thing

which by my lips is spoke.

35 Once sware I by my holiness,

if I to David lye:

36 His seed assuredly shall last

to perpetuity:

And like the Sun ‘fore me his throne.

37 It like the moon for aye

shall be establish’t, like a true

witness in heav’n: Selah.


38 But thou hast cast off, and us had

in detestation:

exceedingly thou hast been wroth

with thine anointed one.

39 Thou hast made void the covenant

of thy servant, his crown

thou hast prophan’d unto the ground

by casting of it down.

40 Thou hast broke all his hedges down:

his forts thou ruin’d hast.

41 All those do make a spoil of him

who by the way have past:

He’s a reproach to his neighbors.

42 Of them that him annoy

thou hast advanced their right hand:

and made all’s foes to joy.

43 The sharp edge also of his sword

thou hast turn’d backward quite:

and in the battle thou hast not

made him to stand upright.

44 Thou hast made also for to cease

his glorious renown:

unto the very earth his throne

thou also hast cast down.

45 And of his youthful years the days

thou hast diminished;

with very great confusion

thou hast him covered. Selah.


46 How long? Jehovah, wilt thou hide

thy self for evermore?

burn like unto consuming fire

shall thy displeasure sore?

47 To thy remembrance do thou call

how short a time have I;

wherefore hast thou created all

men’s sons to vanity?

48 What strong man is there that doth live,

and death shall never see?

from the strong power of the grave

shall he his soul set free?

49 Thy former loving kindnesses

o Lord, where are they now?

which in thy truth and faithfulness

to David thou didst vow.

50 Lord, the reproach of thy servants

unto remembrance call:

how I it bare in my bosom

from mighty people all.

51 Wherewith thy adversaries Lord,

have cast reproach upon,

wherewith they have reproacht the steps

of thine anointed one.

52 O let Jehovah be blessed

to all eternity:

Amen, so let it be, also

Amen, so it shall be.