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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 48

To the chief musician, a song and psalm for the sons of Korah.

1 GReat is Jehovah, and he is

to be praised greatly

within the city of our God,

in his mountain holy.

2 For situation beautiful,

the joy of the whole earth

mount Sion; the great Kings city

on the sides of the north.

3 God in her palaces is known

to be a refuge high.

4 For lo, the kings assembled were:

they past together by.

5 They saw, and so they marveled,

were troubled, fled for fear.

6 Trembling seiz’d on them there and pain

like her that child doth bare.

7 The navies that of Tarshish are

in pieces thou breakest:

ev’n with a very blast of wind

coming out of the east.

8 As we heard, so we saw within

the Lord of host's city,

in our God's city, God will it

stablish eternally. Selah.


9 O God we have had thoughts upon

thy free benignity,

within the very middle part

of thy temple holy,

10 According to thy name, o God

so is thy praise unto

the ends of the earth: thy right hand’s full

of righteousness also.

11 Let the mountain Sion rejoice,

and triumph let them make

who are the daughters of Judah,

ev’n for thy judgments sake.

12 About the hill of Sion walk,

and go about her ye,

and do ye reckon up thereof

the tow’rs that therein be.

13 Doe ye full well her bulwarks mark,

her Palaces view well,

that to the generation

to come ye may it tell.

14 For this same God he is our God

for ever and for aye:

likewise unto the very death

he guides us in our way.