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Geneva Bible (1599): Psalm 48

1 A song or Psalme committed to the sonnes of Korah. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praysed, in the Citie of our God, euen vpon his holy Mountaine.

2 Mount Zion, lying Northwarde, is faire in situation: it is the ioy of the whole earth, and the Citie of the great King.

3 In the palaces thereof God is knowen for a refuge.

4 For lo, the Kings were gathered, and went together.

5 When they sawe it, they marueiled: they were astonied, and suddenly driuen backe.

6 Feare came there vpon them, and sorowe, as vpon a woman in trauaile.

7 As with an East winde thou breakest the shippes of Tarshish, so were they destroyed.

8 As we haue heard, so haue we seene in the citie of the Lord of hostes, in the Citie of our God: God will stablish it for euer. Selah.

9 We waite for thy louing kindnes, O God, in the middes of thy Temple.

10 O God, according vnto thy Name, so is thy prayse vnto the worlds end: thy right hand is full of righteousnes.

11 Let mount Zion reioyce, and the daughters of Iudah be glad, because of thy iudgements.

12 Compasse about Zion, and goe round about it, and tell the towres thereof.

13 Marke well the wall thereof: beholde her towres, that ye may tell your posteritie.

14 For this God is our God for euer and euer: he shall be our guide vnto the death.