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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 36

To the chief Musician a psalm of David, the servant of the Lord.

1 THe trespass of the wicked one

saith in assured-wise:

within my heart, the fear of God

is not before his eyes.

2 For in his eyes he sooths himself:

his sin is found mean while

3 hateful. The words of his mouth are

iniquity and guile:

He to be wise, to do good leaves.

4 He mischief plots on’s bed,

he sets himself in way not good:

he hath not ill hated.


5 Thy mercy (Lord) in heaven is,

to clouds thy faithfulness.

6 Thy judgments a great deep, like great

mountains thy righteousness:

Thou savest man and beast, o Lord.

7 How precious is thy grace,

therefore in shadow of thy wings

men’s sons their trust do place.

8 They of the fatness of thy house

unto the full shall take:

and of the river of thy joys

to drink thou shalt them make.

9 For with thee is the spring of life:

in thy light we’ll see light.

10 To them that know thee stretch thy grace;

to right in heart thy right.

11 Let no proud foot against me come,

nor wicked hand move me.

12 Wrong doers there are fall’n cast down,

and rais’d they cannot be,