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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 36

1 a I se euidently by his dedes, that sinne pusheth forward the reprobat from wickednes to wickednes, albeit he go about to couer his impietie.

2 ! The Prophet grieuously vexed by the wicked, doeth complaine of their malicious wickednes.

2 b Thogh all other detest his vile sinne, yet he himself seeth it not.

3 c The reprobat mocke at holsome doctrine and put not difference bewtene good and euil.

4 d By describing at large the nature of the reprobat, he admonisheth the godlie to beware of these vices.

5 e Thogh wickednes semeth to ouerfloe all the worlde, yet by thine heauenlie prouidence thou gouernest heauen & earth.

6 ! Then he turneth to consider the vnspeakable goodnes of God towards all creatures:

6 f The depth of thy prouidence gouerneth all things, and disposeth them, albeit, the wicked seme to ouerwhelme the worlde.

6 / Ebr. the mountains of God: for whatsoeuers is excellent, is thus called.

8 g Onely Gods children haue ynough of all things both concerning this life & the life to come.

9 ! But specially towards his children that by the faith thereof he maie be comforted & assured of his deliuerance by this ordinairie course of Gods worke,

10 h He sheweth who are Gods children, to wit, they that know him, and lead their liues vprightly.

11 i Let not the proude aduance him self against me, nether the power of the wicked driue me away.

12 k That is, in their pride wherein they flatter them selues.

13 ! Who in the end destroyeth the wicked & saueth the juste.