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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 31

To the chief of Musician, a psalm of David.

1 IN thee, o Lord, I put my trust,

let me be shamed never:

according to thy righteousness

o do thou me deliver.

2 Bow down to me thine ear, with speed

let me deliverance have:

be thou my strong rock, for an house

of defence me to save.

3 Because thou unto me a rock

and my fortress wilt be:

therefore for thy names sake do thou,

lead me and guide thou me.

4 Doe thou me pull out of the net,

which they have for me laid

so privily: because that thou

art to me a sure aid.

5 Into thy hands my spirit I

reposing do commit:

Jehovah God of verity,

thou hast redeemed it.

6 I hated them that have regard

to lying vanity:

7 but I in God trust. I’ll be glad,

and joy in thy mercy:

Because thou hast considered

my afflicting distress;

thou hast my soul acknowledged

in painful anguishes;

8 And thou hast not inclosed me

within the enemies hand:

thou mad’st my feet within the place

of liberty to stand.


9 Have mercy upon me, o Lord,

for in distress am I,

with grief mine eye consumed is,

my soul and my belly.

10 For my life with grief and my years

with sighs are consumed:

because of my sin, my strength fails,

and my bones are wasted.

11 To all my foes I was a scorn,

chiefly my neighbours to;

a fear to friends: they that saw me

without, did fly me fro.

12 I am forgot as a dead man

that’s out of memory:

and like a vessel that is broke

ev’n such a one am I.

13 Because that I of many men

the slandering did hear,

round about me on every side

there was exceeding fear:

While as that they did against me

counsel together take,

they craftily have purposed

my life away to make.

14 But o Jehovah, I in thee

my confidence have put

15 I said thou art my God. My times

within thy hands are shut:

From the hands of mine enemies

do thou deliver me,

and from the men who me against

my persecutors be.


16 Thy countenance for to shine forth

upon thy servant make:

o give to me salvation

even for thy mercy sake.

17 Let me not be asham’d, o Lord,

for call’d on thee I have:

let wicked men be sham’d, let them

be silent in the grave.

18 Let lying lips be silenced,

that against men upright

do speak such things as grievous are,

in pride, and in despite.

19 How great ‘s thy goodness, thou for the

that fear thee hast hidden:

which thou work’st for them that thee trust,

before the Sons of men.

20 Thou in the secret of thy face,

shalt hide them from mans pride:

in a pavilion, from the strife

of tongues, thou wilt them hide.

21 O let Jehovah blessed be;

for he hath shewed me

his loving kindness wonderful

in a fenced-city.

22 For I in hast said, I am cast

from the sight of thine eyes:

yet thou heard’st the voice of my suit,

when to thee were my cries.

23 O love the Lord all ye his Saints:

because the Lord doth guard

the faithful, but the proud doer

doth plenteously reward.

24 See that ye be encouraged,

and let your heart wax strong:

all whosoever hopefully

do for Jehovah long.