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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 32

A psalm of David, Maschil.

1 O Blessed is the man who hath

his trespass pardoned,

and he whose aberration

is wholly covered,

2 O blessed is the man to whom

the Lord imputes not sin:

and he who such a spirit hath

that guile is not therein.

3 When I kept silence then my bones,

began to wear away,

with age; by means of my roaring

continuing on all the day.

4 For day and night thy hand on me,

heavily did endure:

into the drought of Summer time

turn’d is my moisture. Selah.

5 Mine aberration unto thee

I have acknowledged,

and mine iniquity I have

not closely covered:

Against myself my sin, said I,

I will to God confess,

and thou didst the iniquity

forgive of my trespass. Selah.

6 For this each godly one to thee

in finding time shall pray.

surely in floods of waters great,

come nigh him shall not they.

7 Thou art my hiding-place, thou shalt

from trouble save me out:

thou with songs of deliverance

shalt compass me about.

8 I will instruct thee, also teach

thee in the way will I

which thou shalt go: I will to thee

give counsel with mine eye.

9 Like to the horse and mule, which have

no knowledge be not ye:

whose mouths are held with bridle-bit,

that come not near to thee.

10 To those men that ungodly are,

their sorrows do abound:

but him that trusteth in the Lord,

mercy shall compass round.

11 Be in Jehovah joyful ye,

ye righteous ones rejoice;

and all that are upright in heart

shout ye with joyful voice.