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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 31

1 a For then God declareth him self juste, when he preserueth his according as he haste promised.

4 b Preserue me from the craftie counsels & subtil practises of mine enemies.

5 c He desireth God not onely to take care for him in this life, but that his soule may be saued after this life.

6 d This affection oght to be in all Gods children, to hate whatsoeuer thing is not grounded vpon a sure trust in God, as deceitful and vaine.

8 e Largenes signifieth comfort, as straines sorow and peril.

9 f Meaning that his sorow and torment had continued a great while.

11 h Thei were afraied to shew men anie token of frendship.

11 g Mine enemies had drawen all men to their parte against me, euen my chief friends.

14 i Thei that were in autoritie, condemned me as a wicked doer.

14 k I had this testimonie of conscience, that thou woldest defend mine innocencie.

15 l Whatsoeuer changes come thou gouernest them by they prouidence.

17 m Let death destroy them to the intent that thei may hurt no more.

19 n The treasures of Gods mercie are alwaies laied vp in store for his children, albeit at all times thei do not enjoye them.

20 o That is, in a place where thei shal haue they comfort, & be hid safely from the enemies pride.

21 p Meaning, there was no citie so strong to preserue him as the defence of Gods fauour.

22 q And so by my rashnes & infidelitie deserued to haue bene forsaken.

24 r Be constant in your vocation, and God wil confirme you with heauenlie strength.