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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 32

1 b To be justified by faith, is to haue our sinnes frely remitted, and to be reputed just, {Rom. 4,6}

1 a Concerning the fre remission of sinnes, which is the chiefest point of our faith.

1 ! Dauid punished with grieuous sicknes for his sinnes, counteth them blessed, to whome God doeth not impute their transgressions.

3 d Nether by silence nor crying found I ease: signifying that before the sinner be reconciled to God, he feeleth a perpetual torment.

3 c Betwene hope and despaire.

5 e He sheweth that as Gods mercie is the onelie cause of forgiuenes of sinnes, so the meanes therof are repentance and confession, which procede of faith.

5 ! And after that he had confessed his sinnes and obteined pardon.

6 f When necessitie causeth him to seke to thee for help, {Isa. 55,6}.

6 ! He exhorteth the wicked men to liue godly.

8 h Dauid promiseth to make the rest of Gods children partakers of the benifites, which he felt, & that he wil diligently loke and take care to direct them in the waie of saluation.

9 i If men can rule brute beastes, thinke thei, that God wil not bridle and tame their rage?

11 k He sheweth that peace & joy of conscience in the holie Gost is the frute of faith.

11 ! And the good to rejoyce.