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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 28

A psalm of David.

1 JEHOVAH, unto thee I cry,

my Rock, be thou not deaf me fro:

lest thou be dumb from me and I

be like them down to pit that go.

2 Hear thou the voice of my request

for grace, when unto thee I cry:

when I lift up mine hands unto

thine Oracle of Sanctity.

3 With ill men draw me not away,

with workers of unrighteousness,

that with their neighbours peace do speak,

but in their hands is wickedness.

4 Give thou to them like to their works

and like the evil of their deeds:

give them like to their handy-works,

and render unto them their meeds.

5 Because unto Jehovah’s work

they did not wise-attention yield

neither unto his handy work,

them he will wast, but no up-build.

6 The Lord be blest, for he hath heard

the voice of my requests for grace.

7 God is my strength, my shield, in him

my heart did trust, and help’t I was:

Therefore my heart will gladness shew,

and with my song I’ll him confess.

8 The Lord of his anointed ones

their strength, and tower of safety is.

9 Salvation to thy people give,

and bless thou thine inheritance,

and ev’n unto eternity

do thou them feed and them advance.

This. After the common tunes.

Save Lord, thy people, and do thou

bless thine inheritance:

and unto all eternity

them feed and them advance.