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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 28

1 a He counteth him selfe as a dead man, til God shew his fauour toward him, and grante him his petition.

1 ! Being in great feare & heauines of heart to se God dishonored by the wicked hie desireth to be rid of them.

2 b He vsed this outward meanes to helpe the weaknes of his faith: for in the place was the Arke, and there God promised to shewe the tokens of his fauour.

4 ! And cryeth for vengeance against them: & as length assureth him selfe, that God hathe heard his praier.

4 d He thus praieth in respect of Gods glorie, & not for his owne cause, being assured that God wolde punish the persecuters of his Church.

5 e Let them be vtterly destroyed, as {Malach. 1,4}

6 f Because he felt the assurance of Gods help in his heart, his mouthe was opened to sing his praises.

8 g Meaning, his soldiers, who were as meanes, by whome God declared his power.

9 ! Vnto whose tuition he commendeth all the faithful.