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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 29

A psalm of David.

1 UNto the Lord do ye ascribe

(o Sons of the mighty)

unto the Lord do ye ascribe

glory and potency.

2 Unto the Lord do ye ascribe

his names glorious renown,

in beauty of his holiness

unto the Lord bow down.

3 The mighty voice of Jehovah

upon the waters is:

the God of glory thundereth,

God on great waters is.

4 Jehovah’s voice is powerful,

Gods voice is glorious,

5 Gods voice breaks Cedars: yea God breaks

Cedars of Lebanus.

6 He makes them like a calf to skip:

the mountain Lebanon,

and like to a young Unicorn

the hill of Sirion.

7 Gods voice divides the flames of fire.

8 Jehovah’s voice doth make

the desert shake: the Lord doth cause

the Kadesh-desert shake.

9 The Lords voice makes the hinds to calve,

and makes the forest bare:

and in his temple every one

his glory doth declare.

10 The Lord sate on the floods: the Lord

for ever sits as King.

11 God to his folk gives strength: the Lord

his folk with peace blessing.