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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 14

To the chief Musician a psalm of David.

1 THe fool in’s heart saith there’s no God;

they are corrupt, have done


that doth good there is none.

2 The Lord from heaven looked down

on Sons of men: to see,

if any that doth understand,

that seeketh God there be.

3 All are gone back, together they

ev’n filthy are become:

and there is none that doeth good,

no not so much as one.

4 The workers of iniquities,

have they no knowledge all?

that eat my people: they eat bread,

and on God do not call.

5 There with a very grievous fear

affrighted sore they were,

for God in generation is

of such as righteous are.

6 The counsel ye would make of him

that poor afflicted is,

to be asham’d and that because

the Lord his refuge is.

7 Who Israel’s health from Sion gives?

his folks captivity

when God shall turn: Jacob shall joy

glad Israel shall be.