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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 15

A psalm of David.

1 JEHOVAH, who shall in thy tent

sojourn, and who is he

shall dwell within thy holy mount?

2 He that walks uprightly,

And worketh justice, and speaks truth

3 in s heart, And with his tongue

he doth not slander, neither doth

unto his neighbour wrong,

And ‘gainst his neighbour that doth not

take up reproachful lies.

4 He that an abject person is

contemn’d is in his eyes;

But he will highly honour them

that do Jehovah fear:

and changeth not, though to his loss,

it that he once do swear.

5 Nor gives his coin to usury,

and bribe he doth not take

against the harmless. he that doth

these things shall never shake.