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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 14

1 b There is nothing but disorder & wickednes among them.

1 a He sheweth that the cause of all wickednes is to forget God.

2 ! He describeth the peruerse nature of men, which were so growen to licenciousnes, that God was broght to vtter contempt.

3 c Dauid here maketh comparisons betwene the faithful and the reprobat: but S. Paul speaketh the same of all men naturally, {Rom. 3,10}

7 f He prayeth for the wolde Church, whome he is assured God wil deliuer: for none but he onely can do it.

7 ! For the which thing althogh he was greatly grieued, yet being persuaded that God wolde send some, present remedie, he comforteth him self & others.