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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 9

To the chief Musician upon Muth-Labben a psalm of David

1 LORD I’ll the praise, with all my heart;

thy wonders all proclaim.

2 I will be glad and joy in thee;

most high, I’ll sing thy name.

3 In turning back my foes, they’ll fall

and perish at thy sight.

4 For thou maintains my right, and cause:

In throne sits judging right.

5 Thou t’ heathen check’st, and th’ wicked ‘stroy’d

their names raz’d ever aye.

6 Thy ruins, foe, for aye are done;

thou mad’st their towns decay;

their memory with them is lost.

7 Yet ever sits the Lord:

his throne to judgment he prepares.

8 With right he’ll judge the world:

he to the folk shall minister

judgment in uprightness.

9 The Lord is for th’ oppress’d a fort:

a fort in times of stress.

10 Who knows thy name, will trust in thee:

nor dost thou, Lord forsake,

11 them that thee seek. Psalms, to the Lord

that dwells in Sion, make:

declare among the folk his works.

12 For blood when he doth seek,

he them remembers: nor forgets

the crying of the meek.


13 Jehovah, mercy on me have,

from them that do me hate

mark mine afflictions that arise,

thou lift’st me from deaths-gate.

14 That I may tell in the gates of

the daughter of Sion,

thy praises all: and may rejoice

in thy salvation.

15 The heathen are sunk down into

the pit that they had made:

their own foot taken is ith net

which privily they laid.

16 By judgment which he executes

Jehovah is made known:

the wicked’s snar’d in’s own hand work.

deep meditation.

17 The wicked shall be turn’d to hell,

all lands that God forget.

18 Forgot the needy shall ne’re be:

poor’s hope ne’re fail’d him yet.

19 Arise, o Lord, lest men prevail,

judge t’ heathen in thy sight.

20 That they may know they be but men,

the nations Lord affright. Selah