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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 10

1 WHy stand’st thou Lord a far? why hid’st

thy self in times of strait?

2 In pride the wicked persecutes

the poor afflicted weight:

snare them in their contrived plots.

3 For of his hearts desire

the wicked boasts, and covetous

blesseth, stirring God’s ire.

4 The wicked one by reason of

his countenances pride

will not seek after God: not God

so all his thoughts abide.

5 his ways do always bring forth grief,

on high thy judgments be

above his sight: his pressing foes

puff at them all will he.

6 Within his heart he thus hath said,

I moved shall not be:

from aye to aye because I am

not in adversity.

7 His mouth with cursing filled is,

deceits, and fallacy:

under his tongue perverseness is,

also iniquity.

8 In the close places of the towns

he sits, in secret dens

he slays the harmless: ‘gainst the poor

slyly his eyes down bends.

9 He closely lurks as lion lurks

in den, the poor to catch

he lurks, and trapping them in’s net

th’ afflicted poor doth snatch.

10 Down doth he crouch, and to the dust

humbly he bows withal:

that so a multitude of poor

in his strong paws may fall.

11 He saith in heart, God hath forgot:

he hides his face away,

so that he will not see this thing

unto eternal aye.


12 Jehovah rise thou up, o God

lift thou thine hand on high,

let not the meek afflicted one

be out memory.

13 Wherefore doth the ungodly man

contemn th’ almighty one?

he in his heart saith, thou wilt not

make inquisition.

14 Thou seest, for thou mark’st wrong, and spite,

with thy hand to repay:

the poor leaves it to thee, thou art

of fatherless the stay.

15 Break thou the arm of the wicked,

and of the evil one.

search thou out his impiety,

until thou findest none.

16 Jehovah king for ever is,

and to eternal aye:

out of his land the heathen folk

are perished away.

17 The meek afflicted-mans desire

Jehovah, thou dost hear:

thou firmly dost prepare their heart,

thou mak’st attent thine ear.

18 To judge the fatherless and poor:

that add no more he may

sorrowful man out of the land

with terror to dismay.