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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 21

2 a All things shalbe renued and restored into a most excellent and perfect estate, and therefore the day of the resurrection is called, The day of restauracion of all things, {Acts 5,21}

1 b For all things shalbe purged from their corruption, and the faithful shal enter into heauen with their head Christ.

2 d Meaning, that God by his diuine majestie wil glorifie & renew his, & take them vnto him.

4 e All occasions of sorowes shalbe taken away: so that they shal haue perpetual joy.

6 f I that am your eternal life, wil giue vnto mine to drinke of the liuelie waters of this euerlasting life.

8 h Thei which mocke & jest at religion.

8 ! And the miserable condicion of the wicked.

9 i Meaning the Church, which is maried to Christ by faith.

10 k By this description is declared the incomprehensible excellencie, which the heauenlie companie do enjoye.

10 l It is said to come downe from heauen, because all the benefites that the Church hathe, they acknowledge it to come fo God through Christ.

11 ! The description of the heauenlie Jerusalem, and of the wife of the Lambe.

11 m Euer grene & flourishing.

12 n Signifying that the faithful shal be surely kept in heauen.

12 o That is, place ynough to enter: for els we knowe there is but one way & one gate, euen Jesus Christ.

14 p For the Apostles were meanes whereby Jesus Christ the true fundacion was reueiled to the worlde.

22 q This declareth that Christ is God inseparable with his Father.

24 r Here we se as in infinit other places that Kings & Princes (contrarie to the wicked opinion of the Anabaptists) are partakers of the heauenlie glorie, if they rule in the feare of the Lord.