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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 20

1 a This Angel representeth the ordre of the Apostles, whose vocacion & office was from heauen: or may signifie Christ, which shulde treade downe the serpents head.

1 b Hereby he meaneth the Gospel whereby hel is shutup to the faithful, & Satan is chained that he can not hurt them, yea & the ministers hereby open it to the infideles, but through their impietie and stubbernes.

2 c That is, from Christs natiuitie vnto the time of Pope Syluester the seconde: so long the pure doctrine shulde after a sorte remaine.

2 ! Satan being bounde for a certeine time.

3 d After this terme Satan had greater power then he had before.

4 f That is, whiles thei haue remained in this life.

4 e The glorie and autoritie of them that suffer for Christs sake.

5 g He meaneth them, which are spiritually dead: for in whome Satan liueth, he is dead to God.

5 h Which is to receiue Jesus Christ in true faith, & to rise from sinne in newenes of life.

6 i The death of the soule, which is eternal damnacion.

6 k Shalbe true partakers of Christ and of his dignitie.

6 l That is, foreuer.

7 ! And after let lose, vexeth the Church grieuously.

7 m After that the chaine is broken and the true preaching of Gods worde is corrupt.

8 n By them are ment diuers & strange enemies of the Church of God, as the Turke, the Sarazins, and others, read {Ezek 38,2}, by whome the Church of God shulde be grieuously tormented.

10 ! And after the worlde is judged, he and his are cast into the lake of fyre.

11 o Which was Chrsit prepared to judgement with glorie and majestie.

12 p Euerie mans conscience is as a boke whereinhis dedes are writen, which shal appeare when God openeth the boke.

13 q Vnderstanding all kindes of death whereby men haue bene slayne.

14 r Hell & death which are the last enemies, shalbe destroied.