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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 22

1 a He alludeth to the visible paradise to set forthe more sensibly the spiritual: and this agreeth with that which is written, {Ezek. 47,1}

1 ! The riuer of the water of life.

2 ! The frutefulnes & light of the citie of God.

2 b Meaning that Christ who is the life of his Church, is commune to all his and not peculiar for any one sorte of people.

2 c For there are all things pleasant & ful of all contentation continually.

2 d Which some time were vnpure as Gentiles, but now are purged & made whole by Christ.

5 e The light shalbe vnchangeable and shine for euer.

6 ! the Lord giueth euer his seruants warning of things to come.

8 f Now this is the seconde time that he suffered him self to be caried away with the excellencie of the persone: which is to admonish vs of our infirmitie & readines to fall, except God strengthen vs miraculously with his Spirit.

10 g This is not then as the other Prophecies which were commanded to be hyd til the time appointed, as in {Daniel 12,4}, because that these things shulde be quickely accomplished, & did now begin.

10 !

14 h They shal lieu eternally with the Sonne of God.

15 i that mainteine false doctrine and delite therein.

16 k That is, a true and natural man and yet God equal with my Father.

16 l For Christ is the light that giueth light to euerie one that commeth into the worlde.

17 m Let them be afraid of Gods horrible judgements, & assone as thei heare the Lambe call, let them come.

17 n He that feleth him self oppressed with afflictions, and desireth the heauenlie graces and comfort.

17 o That is, when God beginneth to reforme our wil by his Spirit.

18 ! The worde of God may nothing be added nor diminished there from.

20 p Seing the Lord is at hand, we oght to be constant and rejoyce, but we must beware we esteme not the length nor shortenes of the Lords comming by our owne imagination, {2 Pet. 3.9}

20 q This declareth the earnest desire that the faithful haue to be deliuered out of these meseries, and to be joyned with their head Christ Jesus.