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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 19

1 ! Praises are giuen vnto God for judging the whore, & for auenging the blood of his seruants.

1 a That is, praise ye God, because the Antichrist & all wickednes is taken out of the worlde.

2 b So that all the Saintes are confirmed and oght nothing to doute of the saluacion of the faithful.

3 c The wicked shalbe burned in continual fyre, that neuer shalbe extinguished.

4 e Signifying that his judgements are true & just, and that we oght to praise him euermore for the destruction of the Pope.

4 d By the foure beasts are ment all creatures.

7 f God made Christ the bridgrome of his Church at the beginning, and at the last day it shalbe fully accomplished when we shal be joyned with our head.

9 h Whome God of fre mercie calleth to be partakers of his heauenlie graces, & deliuereth from filthie pollucions of Antichrist.

9 g That is, the Angel.

10 i Who am charged to testifie of Jesus, or which am partaker of the same Gospel & faith.

10 k He sheweth that none oght to be worshiped but onely God, & that he is of their nomber whome God vseth to reueile his secrets by to the Prophetes, that they may declare them to others, also that we must beleue no other spirit of prophecie, but that which doeth testifie of Jesus, and lead vs to him.

11 l Whereby is signified that Jesus Christ our judge shalbe victorious, and shal triumph ouer his enemies.

11 m He meaneth Christ.

11 n So that the wicked shal tremble before his face.

12 o To shewe that he was ruler of all the worlde.

12 p Whereby is signified his victorie, and the destruction of his enemies.

13 r Signifying that Jesus Christ, which is the worde, is made flesh, and is our Lord, our God and the Judge of the quicke and the dead.

14 s This declareth that his Angels shal come with him to Judge the worlde.

15 t Which driueth the wicked into eternal fyre.

16 u Which declareth his humanitie, wherein he is Lord of all, and shal judge the world.

17 ! The soules and birdes are called to the slaughter.

17 x This signifieth that the day of judgement shalbe cleare and euident; so that none shal be hid: for the trumpet shal blowe a lowde & all shal vnderstand it.

19 y For the Pope & the worldlie princes shal fight against Christ euen vntil this last day.

20 z The ouerthrowe of the beast and his which shalbe chiefly accomplished at the second comming of Christ.