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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 18

2 a This description of the ouerthrowe of the great whore is like to that whereby the prophetes vse to declare the destruction of Babylon.

2 b He describeth Rome to be the sincke of all abomination and deuelishnes, and a kinde of hel.

3 c the greatest parte of the worlde hathe bene abused & seduced by this spiritual whoredome.

3 ! the louers of the worlde are sorie for the fall of the whore of Babylon.

4 d When God threateneth the wicked, he euer comforteth & counseleth his what they oght to do, that is, that they do not communicat with the sinnes of the wicked.

4 a An admonition to the people of God to flee out of her dominion.

5 e The greke worde is, that her sinnes so followe one another, and so rise one after another, that they growe to suche an heape, that at length they touche the verie heauen.

6 f Blessed is her that can repaye to the whore the like, as is writen {psal 137,9}.

7 h But ful of people & mightie.

11 i Bothe they that temporally haue had profit by the strumpet, and also the spiritual marchants shal for sorow & want of their gaine crie out and despaire.

13 m This is the vilest ware, that these marchants sel, and best cheape, which soules notwithstanding the Sonne of God redemed with his precious blood, {1 pet. 1,19}

14 n That is, the things which thou louedst best.

19 o And so shewe signes of great sorrow.

20 ! But they that be of God, haue cause to rejoyce for her destruction.

20 p And hathe reuenged your cause in punishing her.

21 q It shal not be like to other cities which may be buylded againe, but it shalbe destroyed without merice.

23 r The Romish prelates and marchants of soules are at Kings & princes: so that their couetousnes and pride must be punished: secondely their craftie & deceites ??? and thirdly their cruelitie.