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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 17

1 a Which was Christ Jesus who will take vengeance on this Romish harlot.

1 b Antichrist is compared to an harlot because he seduceth the worlde with vaine wordes, doctrines of lies, & outwarde apperance.

3 d The beast signifieth the ancient Rome: the woman that sitteth thereon, the newe Rome which is the Papistie, whose crueltie and blood sheding is declared by skarlat.

3 e Ful of idolatrie, superstition and contempt of the true God.

4 f This woman is the Antichrist, that is, the Pope with the whole bodie of his filthie creatures, as is expounded, {vers. 18}, whose beautie onely standeth in outwarde pompe & impudencie and craft like a strumpet.

4 g Of false doctrines & blasphemies.

5 h Which none can knowe to auoide but the elect.

8 i This is the Romaine empire which being fallen into decay, the whore of Rome vsurped autoritie, and proceded from the deuil and thether shal returne.

9 l For after that the empire was decayed in Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitelius, Vespasian & Titus dyed in less then fourtene yeres and reigned as Kings: Domitian then reigned, and after him Coceius Nerua which was the seuenth.

9 k Which are about Rome.

11 m He meaneth Traian the emperior who was a Spanyard & adopted by Nerua, but because he persecuted the faithful, he goeth also to perdition.

13 n He signifieth the horrible persecutions which haue bene vnder the empire of Roma, and in all other realmes subject to the same.

14 o And breake them to shyuers as a porters pot.

16 p Diuers nations as the Gothes, Vandales, Hunes and other nations which were once subject to Rome, shal rise against it & destroy it.

17 q That in stede of doing homage to Christ Jesus, they shulde be cast into reprobate sense to serue Antichrist, & to dedicat them selues and theirs wholy vnto him.