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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 16

1 ! The Angels powre out their vials full of wrath.

2 a This was like the sixt plague of Egypt, which was sores and boiles or pockes: and this reigneth communly among Canons, monkes, friers, nones, Priests and suche filthie vermin which beare the marke of the beast.

3 b This is like to the first plague of Egypt which signifieth all kindes of pestilences and contagious diseases.

3 c That is, corrupt & infect.

4 d The first plague of Egypt was like vnto this.

5 e He bringeth forthe these two Angels: the one which is gouernour of the waters, and the other from vnder the altar, as witnesses & commenders of Gods just judgements.

7 f For asmuche as thou destroyest the rebelles, & preseruest thine.

8 g Signifying famine, drought and hote diseases which procede thereof.

9 h The wicked were hardhearted & stubbern when God punished them.

10 i This answereth to the ninth plague of Egypt, which signifieth that the Popes doctrine is an horrible plague of God, which kepeth men stil in darke ignorance and errours.

10 k They shal shewe their furie, rage & blasphemie against God when the light of his Gospel shal shine.

12 l By Euphrates which was of Rome the second Babylon, which the faithful which are the true kings & Priests in Christ, haue taken away by disclosing their wicked disceit.

13 m That is a strong nomber of this great deuil Popes ambassadours which are euer crying and croking like frogs and come out of Antichrists mouth, because they shulde speake nothing but lies and vse all maner of craftie deceit to mainteine their riche Euphrates against the true Christians.

14 n Albeit they call them selues spiritual and holie fathers.

14 o For in all Kings courtes the Pope hathe had his ambassadours to hinder the kingdome of Christ.

15 p Of righteousnes and holines, wherewith we are cled through Jesus Christ.

16 q As if he wolde say, The craftines of destruction when as Kings and princes shal warre against God but by the craft of Satan are broght to that place where they shalbe destroyed.

17 r This is the last judgement when Christ shal come to destroy the wicked and deliuer his Church.

19 s Meaning the whole nomber of them that shal call them selues Christians, whereof some are so in dede, some are Papistes and vnder pretence of Christ serue Antichrist and some are neuters which are nether on the one side nor of the other.

19 t Signifying, all strange religions, as of the Jewes, Turkes, & others, which then shal fall with that great whore of Rome, & be tormented in eternal paines.