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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 8

1 ! The seuenth seal is opened: there is silence in heauen.

1 b That the heares might be more attentiue.

1 a Vnder the six seale he touched in general the corruption of the doctrine: but vnder the seuenth he sheweth the great danger thereof, & what troubles, sectes & heresies hathe bene & shalbe broght into the Church thereby.

2 c He sheweth the onelie remedie in our afflictions, to wit, to appeare before the face of God by the meanes of Jesus Christ, who is the Angel, the sacrifice, and the Priest, which presenteth our prayers, which remaine yet in earth, before the altar and diuine maiestie of God.

5 d He meaneth by fyre the grace of God wheereby we are purged & made cleane, {Isa. 6,6}

5 e He powreth the graces of the holie Gost into the hearts of the faithful.

5 f When this grace is declared, maruelous rebellions arise against it by reason of the wicked, which can nether abide to heare their sinnes touched, nor mercie offred.

6 ! The foure Angels, blowe their trumpets, and great plagues followe vpon the earth.

7 g That is, proclaimeth warre, against the Church, and troubles by false doctrine, & so admonisheth them to watch.

7 h That is, the moste parte of men were seduced.

7 i Euen the verie elect were sore tryed and prouen.

8 k Diuers sectes of heretikes were spred abroad in the worlde.

9 l Meanin the shipmasters, & so them that had anie gouernement.

10 m That is, some excellent minister of the Church, which shal corrupt the Scriptures.

11 n Which here signifie false & corrupt doctrine.

12 q Of the ministers and teachers, which haue not taught as they oght to do.

12 r These are plagues for the contempt of the Gospel.

12 o That is, of Christ who is the sunne of justice, meaning that men by boasting of their workes and merites obscure Christ and tread his death vnder fete.

13 s Horrible threatnings against the infideles & rebellious persones.